Extras & Secrets

SpeedCity also offers extra content that gives the game more depth than ever! Try exploring the lobby and in-game menu to see what secrets you can uncover. You may even be rewarded for it.


Here is a list of in-game codes you can try out for some awesome rewards

  • Code: "SpeedCity4Ever" | Reward: 100 SpeedCoins

  • Code: "MoMoneyPlz" | Reward: 50 SpeedCoins

*There is also a secret code for people who are members of the SpeedCity discord server. Click here to join!


Do you want to feel a sense of accomplishment when playing SpeedCity? Then try out the game's achievements! Completing an achievement can score you some loot, so try your best to complete them all.

Bonus Level

If you thought the levels in Adventure Mode was all there is, you are gravely mistaken! Completing Adventure Mode unlocks the secret bonus level. It also has multiple sections, making this the longest SpeedCity level ever! If you're curious about the theme of the level, let's just say that it's out of this world.

The Lobby

The lobby is the central hub of SpeedCity. This is where you start off and can play the multiple game modes available! The lobby is also a great place to explore the secrets of SpeedCity and even get some insight on the creator of SpeedCity. If you still have any questions, drop by the Help Center and talk to the clerk Mason.

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